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Compiled by Antonio Garcia. For information call, 573-4561.

Hector Baez-Robles, 64, March 18, mechanic. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Harlan Beckman, 89, March 19, medical equipment handler. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

David M. Christle, 18, March 16, student. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Beryl R. Coleman, 81, March 25, homemaker. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

John K. Garrigan, 80, March 22, tire salesman. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Kevin K. Gentner, 47, March 17, registered nurse. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Antonio S. Martinez, 82, March 23, carpenter. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Philip McCanse, 83, March, 20, U.S. Army. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Elias Molina, 65, March 21, business owner. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Oscar T. Ortiz, 60, March 21, truck driver. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Antonia Alegria Padilla, 87, March 21, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Edwin Pineda-Argueta, 31, of Honduras, July 28, 2007, laborer. Desert Sunset Catalina

Mabel Rigaud, 93, March 24, homemaker. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Felizardo Perez Rivera, 81, March 21, laborer. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Eleanor S. Rose, 85, March 20, teacher. Desert Sunset Funeral Home

Dorothy E. Scholz, 79, March 23, homemaker. Desert Sunset Funeral Home

C. Veta Shinault, 81, March 15, homemaker. Desert Sunset Catalina

Robert A. Spaur, 58, March 17, warehouse clerk. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Robert Starron, 74, March 23, accountant. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Maria Dolores J. Valencia, 89, March 23, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Blena V. Walmer, 81, March 18, music teacher. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Robert White, 73, March 20, plumber. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Leroy Wiggall, 84, March 22, insurance agent. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Philip Yould, 91, March 23, U.S. Air Force. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Citizen Online Archive, 2006-2009

This archive contains all the stories that appeared on the Tucson Citizen's website from mid-2006 to June 1, 2009.

In 2010, a power surge fried a server that contained all of videos linked to dozens of stories in this archive. Also, a server that contained all of the databases for dozens of stories was accidentally erased, so all of those links are broken as well. However, all of the text and photos that accompanied some stories have been preserved.

For all of the stories that were archived by the Tucson Citizen newspaper's library in a digital archive between 1993 and 2009, go to Morgue Part 2

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