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The big debate: Print journalism’s future

‘Ah, yes, the Internet. Where you can be brilliant or idiotic; but, at the very least, you can be.’ SpdwSwanGuy

The story: Despite the demise of the Rocky Mountain News, Seattle Post-Intelligencer and, yes, the Tucson Citizen, newspapers are here to stay, because readers will realize “Internet anarchy” is a poor replacement for real journalism, Opinion Editor Billie Stanton says in a column.

Your take: For the umpteenth time, Citizen readers shout: Newspapers won’t survive because they’re too liberal.

Some representative comments:

• “Billie S. is a just a little upset that if she starts a blog, she will be merely one more voice in the cacophony, and not the big fish in the little Tucson Citizen pond like she is now . . . a pond that is drying up around her.” – thebigshmoog

• “Just as Second Amendment rights should only be used responsibly, so too should First Amendment rights only be used responsibly. Using either recklessly can be equally dangerous.” – xflbret

• “The problem with the mainstream newspapers was not that they voiced their opinions; it is that they did not keep their opinions on the Opinion page.” – 5801

• “We need journalists in this country. Blogs are like reality shows – filled mostly with the lowest common denominator . . . suddenly having a soapbox. Exercises in ego and narcissism.” – rytter


For Wednesday, March 25

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