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Alpacas easily trained, fun

Alpacas are a domesticated species of South American camel and resemble a small llama.

They are considerably smaller than llamas and aren’t used as beasts of burden. Instead, they are valued for their coats. Their fiber comes in more than 16 colors. It’s used for making items such as soft blankets, sweaters, socks, coats, bedding, ponchos and a variety of textiles.

Alpacas are such lovable, fun animals. My brother and I actually bought our first alpaca in last April, and now we have a herd of seven. We’ve found them to be easily trained, and our alpacas are very comical. They love getting hugs and taking walks with us.

• • •

Raising a pig to show at the Pima County Fair is a fun thing, but isn’t an easy task.

A lot of work has to go into it. You have to take them for walks every day to get them used to walking before the judge. You give them baths and haircuts, weigh them regularly and make sure they are being fed the correct feed. You need to clean their pens regularly and make sure that they always have fresh water.

As you may know, fancy health spas offer $100 mud baths to clean and refresh your skin. But if you get a pig, you can get a free, all natural mud bath any day of the week!

• • •

Ranch sorting originated in California many years ago for the purpose of sorting out cattle to be branded.

It became a sport several years ago. A team of two on horseback have to cut the herd of cattle in a specific order, out of one pen and into another in 60 seconds or less!

Being such a fun sport, it’s no wonder that it’s fast becoming the No. 1 equine event that an entire family can participate in. It’s truly a sport that reflects our Western heritage.

Any kid interested in learning this fun sport can call Ranch Sorters at 520-360-4996 and speak with Bob Bishop or David Williams. They are always willing to teach and give kids hands-on experience.



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