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Congress needs to put U.S. ahead of selves

I have been reading about the problems in our economy. Obama has put forward a budget that would start the recovery. It may not be perfect, but if we don’t try, we will never recover.

Now I hear that some of our elected officials will not vote for the budget for fear they won’t be re-elected.

When I vote for a senator or representative, I hope they will do what is best for the country, not what will keep them in office.

Robert Fritts

Proved wrong, GOP should do what’s right

Thank heavens the majority of Americans are no longer listening to Sen. John McCain.

During his abysmal campaign, he and his economic guru (Phil Gramm), told us the recession was all in our minds.

Now, when our country is in crisis, Sen. McCain chooses to support the same failed Bush policies of the past eight years that got us into this crisis.

But what else would you expect from someone who graduated at the bottom of his class, failed in two presidential campaigns, picked Sarah Palin as a running mate, has not made Arizona a leader in solar energy production and is senator of a state ranked 49th in education spending?

Time for him, and his Republican colleagues, to stop playing political games, support our new president, and do something constructive for our country.

Wendy Watson

Parking tickets brake good will of Street Fair

I am writing on behalf of the vendors and citizens who went to Fourth Avenue last weekend.

I was asked to call certain people regarding these unbelievable parking tickets.

I live here, and I sell and spend my money here in Tucson, like most of the other people that the city ticketed at the Fourth Avenue Street Fair.

I am sending this e-mail to everyone I know so they can see the stupidity and ignorance of a city government gone as bad as months-old potato salad in a broken fridge.

The Fourth Avenue Street Fair is one of the most attended events in Arizona. The recent show was no exception!

People came out in droves and spent money, which helps the vendors, which helps the city – and the customers did so in spite of the sick financial market and heat of the day!

That alone should indicate what a great show this is. It was inspiring to see the economy was surviving on Fourth Avenue if not anywhere else.

But even this fragile hope was shattered by the vicious action the city took. On some inexplicable whim, they decided to descend upon the show and start issuing all these outrageous $175 parking tickets!

They did this to people simply trying to have a good time and support our well-loved Street Fair, which has been going strong and a good thing for this town for four decades!

Have they thought about the repercussions of this thoughtless act? Do they think it will be forgotten? Think again.

If our city officials have even a shred of decency, they will drop these ridiculous charges!

The vendors who sell their art and food and other services at this show depend on these crowds for their livelihood.

We don’t need them cut down and penalized and discouraged from attending this important show, and neither does the city!

Jenny Gaber

Visitor apparently fine with breaking the law

An irate visitor to Tucson had a letter in the Citizen complaining about the fine associated with her parking ticket.

She said she had received parking tickets in several cities where the fines were less than the $175 fine in Tucson.

It is obvious from her own words that she is willing to park wherever she pleases and accept the payment of fines.

What this lady ignores is the fact that no-parking areas are established by the elected body of each city to protect citizens from possible dangerous situations. This lady apparently has no concern for the safety of others and herself.

The fact that several other cars were in the no-parking zone, causing her to not see the “no parking” sign, is questionable since she was able to report its existence in her letter.

This visitor apparently has little respect for the law and the safety of others.

David Eisenberg

Direction for Citizen would be . . . Tucson

If I had the money and was 20 years younger, I would buy your newspaper and rename it The Citizen Tucson News.

I would not print any national or state news, just local news.

TV has been making news out of the arrival of the railroad in Tucson. I would have reprinted the articles published in the Citizen when that happened.

I would divide the city into quadrants: northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. I would have a section for each.

I would print everything that happens or is planned to happen by the citizens of that area.

My goal would be, when people living in Tucson wanted to find out what was happening or going to happen in Tucson, they would buy the Citizen.

When the snowbirds arrive and ask, “What’s going on in this town?” a citizen would reply, “Buy the Citizen.”

I would keep the classifieds section. When the merchants found that everyone was reading the Citizen, the ads would come pouring in.

Sounds like fun to me. If only I had the money and the energy, but I am out of both.


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