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The big debate: Arizona’s economy

‘Democrats and Republicans have to wake up to the fact (that) this state has nothing to attract quality employers.’ – 5022

The story: It’s a myth that Arizona’s economy is dependent on the vagaries of the housing industry, says Arizona Republic columnist Robert Robb. He adds that the Arizona economy compares favorably to that in states such as North Carolina, which are held up as role models yet have higher unemployment than we do.

Your take: Arizona’s economy doesn’t leave most members of the Citizen’s online community with the same warm, fuzzy feelings that Robb is getting. Some representative comments:

• “(Arizona’s) economy is service-driven, but the question now is how many fast-food places, how many motel/hotels will stay in place now that no one can spend freely.” 4135

• “Here in the Democrat commune of Tucson, we don’t have to worry about a diversified economy. There are only two components; government . . . and construction.” 1967

• “Magma Copper . . . Where did you go? . . . A great place to work.” tombstonecat. (FYI: Magma Copper operated a mine in San Manuel from the mid 1950s to 1997, when it sold the operation to an Australian firm that closed the mine in 1999 when prices slumped.)

• “Mark my words: Arizona real estate will go up and you simply won’t believe the high prices for real estate in the near future! Real estate will go even goofier than Sarah Palin on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ ” azsd


For Saturday, March 28

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