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Compiled by Antonio Garcia. For information call, 573-4561.

Gerardo Ayala Acuña, 57, of Mexico, March 29, security. Adair Funeral Homes Dodge Chapel

Guillermo Alvarez, 53, March 13, technician. Funeraria Del Angel

Gabriel Y. Anchondo, 93, March 27, laborer. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Ralph Anderson, 78, March 20, salesman. Funeraria Del Angel

Flavio Beas-Campo, 74, March 24, technician. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Doug Brown, 59, March 15, carpet cleaner. Vistoso Memorial Chapel

Phyllis M. Bryers, 86, March 28, bookstore owner. Adair Funeral Homes Dodge Chapel

William Coleman, 89, of Oro Valley, March 24, insurance executive. Vistoso Memorial Chapel

Robert B. Cooper, 87, of Oro Valley, March 22, salesman. Vistoso Memorial Chapel

Larry O. Corneliusen, 69, March 27, truck driver. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Zelda R. Cosand, 81, March 29, business owner. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Kathleen F. Curley, 59, March 30, library director. Bring’s Memorial Chapel

Martha Derider, 91, March 31, homemaker. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Antonia A. Duarte, 90, March 23, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Armando T. Estrada, 75, March 28, janitor. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Rodger Fay, 91, March 12, fireman. Funeraria Del Angel

Cleofas Valdez Garza, 65, March 25, occupation unavailable. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Mabel Gronko, 88, March 9, housekeeper, Vistoso Memorial Chapel

Ted R. Hayes, 85, of Oro Valley, March 21, sales manager. Vistoso Memorial Chapel

Christina Kennedy, 63, March 26, homemaker. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Curtis D. Leland, 76, March 31, salesman. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Thaddeus Lilly, 78, of Marana, March 27, engine designer. Vistoso Memorial Chapel

Lino Lopez, 49, March 9, truck driver. Funeraria Del Angel

Edward R. Lukoski, 88, April 1, counselor. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Antonio Madril, 90, March 13, traffic painter. Funeraria Del Angel

Adrian Magallanes, 15, March 15, student. Funeraria Del Angel

Marion E. Norwood, 77, March 30, accountant. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Kelly A. Richardson, 50, April 1, occupation unavailable. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Patricia A. Rinck, 74, of Marana, March 22, office manager. Vistoso Memorial Chapel

Maria Luisa Rivera, 83, March 26, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Ellen Rogers, 69, of Oro Valley, March 28, machine operator. Vistoso Memorial Chapel

Manuel Aaron Rojas Jr., 66, March 28, translator. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Rosa G. Sandoval, 83, March 27, waitress. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Jacqueline Senecal, 61, March 26, homemaker. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Sandra Shanks, 47, March 11, caregiver. Funeraria Del Angel

Alberto Jose Soto Sr., 49, March 27, chef. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Lois Jean Spicer, 72, March 29, homemaker. Adair Funeral Homes Dodge Chapel

Janet L. Sutfin, 67, of Oro Valley, March 23, teacher. Vistoso Memorial Chapel

Marcia Swearingen, 56, March 17, supervisor. Funeraria Del Angel

Brian Thompson, 47, March 31, floor installer. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Rex Thompson, 79, of SaddleBrooke, March 23, salesman. Vistoso Memorial Chapel

Alpha Louise Tripp, 89, March 30, homemaker. Adair Funeral Homes Avalon Chapel

Marcelle Leslie Tucker, 51, Dec. 23, office manager. Adair Funeral Homes Dodge Chapel

John Willard Tucker, 49, March 30, mechanic. Adair Funeral Homes Dodge Chapel

Richard “Dick” Unwin, 81, of SaddleBrooke, March 22, electrical engineer. Vistoso Memorial Chapel

Ricardo Villa, 75, March 27, customs officer. Funeraria Del Angel

Eugenia Wagner, 81, March 8, optician. Funeraria Del Angel

Eugene Edward Wilson Sr., 89, March 29, electrician. Adair Funeral Homes Dodge Chapel

John Winters, 81, March 28, salesman. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Helen E. Wohlke, 91, March 31, cook. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

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