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The big debate: Abortion access in Arizona

‘Both sides of the abortion issue can and should work towards the goal of making abortion obsolete.’ – sarong

The story: In a column, Opinion Editor Billie Stanton sounds the alarm about a proposal in the Arizona Legislature that would limit access to abortion. It’s a bill “only a Neanderthal could love,” she writes.

Your take: Count the Citizen’s online community firmly in the camp of the Neanderthals, who dismiss Stanton as firmly in the “pro-death” camp.

Several readers say that Stanton overreacted to provisions in the measure that would require doctors to lecture pregnant girls and women about abortion alternatives. “Oh, the inhumanity of getting a lecture from your doctor regarding the alternative to an abortion,” Arafel notes sarcastically.

Some representative comments:

• “Vote to protect life from conception to natural death.” cactusbob

• “When it comes to preventing pregnancies . . . Stanton is all for plenty of education. But once the girl is pregnant, it’s time to roll out the abortion machines . . . forget about education at that point.” Tucson James

• “Don’t claim (abortion) is a ‘right’ just because you think it should be.” neonbill

• “It’s interesting that the pro-death camp never finishes their favorite mantra: ‘It’s a woman’s right to choose.’ They should be honest and tell the whole story: It’s a woman’s right to choose to have her unborn child surgically dismembered and sent down a garbage disposal.” harley cleanslate


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