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Lineweaver kids find GATE to Camp Cooper

March 16 was a very special day for fourth- and fifth-grade Gifted and Talented Education students at Lineweaver. That’s the day we left for Camp Cooper. It’s an educational field trip where you explore the outdoors, have fun and learn new things. Best of all, it’s a camp so you get to stay overnight with your peers in a cabin.

In the morning, I arrived at school with my pillow and sleeping bag. My mom helped with the water bottles. It took about a half an hour to get to Camp Cooper. There, the fourth-graders and fifth-graders split up.

My fifth-grade class went on almost a two-hour hike. During the walk, we observed the roots of many plants. My favorite was the paloverde tree, which was still alive even though its roots were exposed. Smaller paloverde trees grew out of its exposed roots.

After lunch, we had two slithering guests – a king snake and a gopher snake. Don’t worry, these two species aren’t venomous at all.

After learning about the snakes, we rotated through different stations across the camp. We sharpened our observation skills and studied many things. We touched different parts of a saguaro. We dissected owl pellets. We even got to adopt a rock.

Dinner was really exciting because we got to cook dinner by ourselves. I had hamburgers that were delicious! After dinner came the main attraction.

We put on plays, sang songs and lots of other stuff. We had a drummer and did a lot of skits. Then an astronomer stopped by and showed us many things in the night sky.

The next morning, we ate a very good breakfast. Then we all had to pitch in to clean up the entire camp before heading back to school.



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