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Ask Boomer: Ask pals to help rid pest

Hi, Boomer Bear,

I’m having some trouble at my school with this boy. He won’t leave me alone. What should I do? I’ve tried everything!

Help! D.R.

Hey, D.R.!

This fella just doesn’t get the message. He either likes you or enjoys making a pest of himself. Maybe you could try sticking close with your friends when he tries to come around. You might even have them ask him not to hang around you anymore. And if worst comes to worst, you might need to have your teacher take care of things.

Keep your cool, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer,

Hi! I had a GREAT spring break. It was awesome. Most kids sit around eating chips and watching TV, but I didn’t! I hung out with my cousin Michelle at Reid Park. My other little cousin Sally fell in the little stream – thank goodness she didn’t fall in the BIG one! We played a couple days in a row and hung out for a long time. This summer will be a BLAST, don’t you think?

Friends always, C.H.

Dear C.H.,

My spring break went great. With all this fur, I think I’ll be in the pool for much of the summer! Until then, I’m gonna keep working hard for the rest of the school year.

Have fun,

Boomer Bear



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