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Ask Boomer: Pals from Nogales to Flagstaff

Dear Boomer Bear,

I like that polar bears live in Alaska. I like that their mouths are very powerful and that they are one of the most deadly animals. I like the color of your fur because it is white. I like polar bears because they are big, fluffy and like cold water.

I like polar bears because they have a good diet. I like them because they drink Coca-Cola. I like them because they are like angels, and they like to eat sushi.

What do you like most about polar bears? Do you have friends? What are some of their names? What are your mom’s and dad’s names?

Thank you, Room 28

Hello, Room 28.

I love that you’re into my new blog. Thanks for the thoughtful (and funny) words. What I like most about polar bears is that I am one! I have thousands and thousands of young readers whom I consider to be my best buddies. From Norma in Nogales to Frank up in Flagstaff, I have friends and fans everywhere! As for my folks – I just call them Mom and Dad.

Keep up the great work, Boomer Bear

What’s up, Boomer?

I want to become a member of the press. Please help me by accepting me into the Young Reporters Program.

Your friend, P.J.

Dear P.J.,

I love it when kids like you are so motivated! Anyone in grades 3 through 8 can become a Young Reporter and write for Bear Essential News, the Tucson Citizen and go on TV with KVOA-TV. To print out the sign-up forms, visit BearEssentialNews.com and click on “Young Reporters,” following the buttons to “Young Reporter Forms.”

When you mail them in, I’ll send you your official Young Reporters kit so you can start reporting for us.

You’ve got the “WRITE” stuff!

Boomer Bear



He’s wise, he’s cool and he’s ready to respond. Write a letter to Boomer Bear of Bear Essential News for Kids!

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