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The big debate: Obama at ASU

‘I’m sure this will be very hurtful to the president. Not having an honorary degree from ASU is just horrible. How hilarious. He probably wouldn’t want it anyway.” – rubysky

The story: President Obama will speak at Arizona State University’s graduation but, breaking with its own tradition, ASU won’t give him an honorary degree because he doesn’t yet have a “body of work” as president.

Your take: Online commentators use this news as a springboard to laud or criticize the president and ASU:

• “The Scum Devils bestowed an honorary degree on the vice minister of edjumication of Red China, but won’t bestow one on the president of the United Freaking States? Has ASU suddenly turned into Antioch College?” – WhatRocks

• “The only degree O’bummer could qualify for is a hemp weaving degree from Berkeley.” – 5845

• “Obama has a degree from Harvard Law School. Why would he want an honorary degree from ASU or Berkeley? Also, he received his undergrad from Columbia, which has the highest SAT score averages of all the Ivy League schools.” – demospolis

• “Don’t fret, Obama will still get his honorary degree from No Clue U.” – Scotty F

• “Maybe he can be on the bowling team.” – shmileydana

• “I am in full agreement with ASU. What has he done? So far, nothing. Well that’s not true; if you count bad-mouthing our country to everyone in the world.” – SpdwSwanGuy


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