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The big debate: Immigration reform

‘When again will the opportunity arise to boost Democrat voting ranks by not thousands but millions in one quick swoop?’ – Okla Wildcat

The story: With presidents of like mind on both sides of the border and with a Congress willing to work with our executive branch, the U.S. finally has a chance to enact meaningful immigration reform, the Tucson Citizen writes in an editorial.

Your take: “Immigration reform” is just a euphemism for swelling the rolls of the Democratic Party with formerly illegal immigrants. The Citizen’s online community equates reform with “amnesty without enforcement,” in the words of 3280. Some representative comments:

• “Business wants them here for cheap labor. Politicians want them here for the votes.” Old Timer 45

• “Immigration ‘reform’ by Democrats is very scary. The language might not explicitly declare amnesty, but that is what will happen.” DonM

• “If, by immigration reform, you mean rewarding millions of lawbreakers with amnesty, there will never be a ‘good time’ for it.” 6565

• “Cesar Chavez opposed illegal immigration because he understood that it weakened the leverage of labor in the supply/demand equation that determines wages.” davedog

• “It’s time for zero tolerance with these illegal aliens. It’s time for them to get back to their own (countries) where they belong. Then (they can) apply to come legally.” Delaware Bob

• “Thomas Jefferson said this country needs a revolution about every 20 years. It’s long overdue.” Arizona Native


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