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The big debate: U.S. Navy SEALS, 3; pirates, 0

‘The SEAL teams are the best stealth fighters on the planet. These scum pirates need to remember one thing, DON’T TREAD ON ME! GO NAVY!’ – radcock

The story: On a rolling warship in choppy seas, Navy snipers fired three flawless shots to kill a trio of Somali pirates and free an American sea captain, prompting vows of revenge from other pirates.

Your take: Despite the usual internecine sniping, most of the Citizen’s online commentators can agree, at least, that piracy is bad and the rescue of American Capt. Richard Phillips was good:

• “Hallelujah and thank you, Lord Jesus. Great work by our Navy SEALs! God bless them.” – saladfork

• “First good decision our new president made. . . . One also has to wonder, if the captain was killed, would Obama have claimed he never authorized force and distanced himself from this?” – Scotty F

• “He didn’t do anything. Was strangely silent on the matter according to the media. He said shoot only if the captain’s life was in danger. Now what kind of idiot statement or leadership was that.” – mustberight

• “Pissants like these (pirates) are found in every slum in the U.S. (gangbangers), and they all react the same when they get their butts kicked: ‘You just wait, I’ll get you,’ ya-ya-ya.” – mikebsmart

• “GO NAVY SEALS!” – 2277

• And radcock again, “What a happy Easter for the Phillips family! He is truly an American hero.”


For Monday, April 13, 2009

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