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Arizona representatives seek billions in federal funds for state

Tops is Republican Trent Franks, seeking defense money

WASHINGTON – Six of Arizona’s eight House members are seeking more than $4 billion for local projects in the 2010 federal budget.

More than $3 billion of that request came from Republican Rep. Trent Franks.

Franks, who represents the 2nd Congressional District, sought most of that money for defense contractors. His requests include more than $724 million for Raytheon Co. in Tucson, $10 million for Robertson Aviation in Tempe, and nearly $10 million for General Dynamics in Scottsdale.

He also asked for more than $2 billion for Boeing Co., based in Arlington, Va., for ballistic missile defense systems.

Arizona’s other two House Republicans, Reps. Jeff Flake and John Shadegg, are fiscal conservatives who did not ask for any special budget earmarks for their districts.

“Considering the current state of the economy and government spending, I believe an outright moratorium is the only way to bring accountability to the budget process,” Shadegg said in a recent statement.

But Franks said members of Congress are better able to set spending priorities for their districts than federal agencies are.

“Members of Congress would far better understand the needs of their own congressional district more than a bureaucrat who had never set foot in that district and had no accountability to any person in it,” Franks said in an online note to his constituents on his Web site.

Congress members were required by new House rules to post all their earmark requests on their Web sites this month for the public to review.

But as Rep. Raúl Grijalva acknowledged on his site, “A majority of requests will not be approved for funding.”

Still, that didn’t stop most members from trying, despite less federal money to go around.

All five Arizona Democrats asked for money for local projects. Rep. Ed Pastor, who represents the 4th Congressional District and serves on the House Appropriations Committee that approves earmarks, is asking for more than $600 million. His projects included $114 million for protective equipment for medical first responders to shield them from chemical or biological weapons during a terrorist attack.

Grijalva, D-7th District, asked for about $278 million. He was followed by Democratic Reps. Harry Mitchell of the 5th District, who sought $140 million, Gabrielle Giffords, 8th District, who asked for more than $100 million, and Ann Kirkpatrick, 1st District, who requested more than $56 million.

Although he opposes earmarks, Flake applauded the House Appropriations Committee for the new requirement that earmark requests be listed on lawmakers’ Web sites.

“They deserve some credit for this modest reform,” Flake said.


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