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The big debate: The Texican Whopper

‘They don’t like us representing their flag wrongly. Boo Hoo! I guess they really don’t mind breaking our laws and stealing, raping and killing our people!’ – IDIDIT

The story: Mexicans express outrage over Burger King’s “Texican Whopper” TV commercial, which has a wrestler reminiscent of Jack Black in “Nacho Libre” but clad in a cape resembling the Mexican flag. (Watch it here)

Your take: How dare they demand respect for their flag while disrespecting ours? So asks the equally outraged Citizen online community:

• “I’m more concerned about the ‘insult’ of:

1. Mexico flooding the U.S. with drugs.

2. Mexico flooding the U.S. with their illegal ‘immigrants.’

3. Mexico insisting that my Second Amendment Rights be taken away.” – Jim M

• Quoting the article: “We have to tell these people that in Mexico we have a great deal of respect for our flag.” “Too bad you don’t have much respect for mine.” – Evansville

• “Would anyone care to bet that those who most loudly condemn Mexico for wanting their flag respected are those who most loudly insist that their flag be respected?

“Would anyone care to notice that those who display the most hostility to the Mexican government are the first to say that they aren’t racist and are only opposed to ‘illegals’?

“illegal, n. A term used by descendants of European immigrants to refer to descendants of Indigenous Americans.” – tiponeill


For Tuesday, April 14

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2 Corrections officer with mysterious gunshot wound resigns.

3 Mexico slams Burger King for “whopper” of insult.

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