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The big debate: Spending cuts coming to prisons

‘The answer to this is simple. Stop wasting money giving the prisoners everything they want.’ – JohnD

The story: Fewer prisoners, fewer corrections officers, fewer programs. Arizona Department of Corrections administrators know cuts are coming.

Your take: Cut back on extras provided to inmates. They have it too good.

“The state needs to make these inmates more accountable for their actions and their crime,” wrote Chevygirlaz. “Being away from their family is not enough. We the taxpayers pay for room and board for these offenders. What do they pay? Nothing.”

saladfork urges “outside the box thinking”: “Work with corporations and put the prisoners to work making whatever-widgets, instead of seeking cheap labor outside the USA.”

tcroyal says, “It is time to use the private prison system.”

And azsd proposes, “Immediately release anyone convicted of ‘nonviolent’ marijuana crimes!”

But handslikeclouds says enough is enough: “Cuts in schools, cuts in prison guards and programs, do anything but raise taxes. Why? Because they don’t want to upset the wealthy geriatric retirement communities they bank on here and who own them.”

And trusty leftfield puts his own twist on the prison spending cuts: “How do you right-wingers like your tax cuts now? I suppose it was OK as long as the working poor was getting the shaft, but now that they will be letting people out of prison early, I imagine this does not sit so well. Be careful what you wish for.”


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