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The big debate: Tucson Tax Day Tea Party

‘The ones that created the problem that we have to fix are protesting because we are fixing it.’ – Ripping87

Some 3,000 taxpayers marched in downtown Tucson during the Tax Tea Party at EL Presidio Park.

Some 3,000 taxpayers marched in downtown Tucson during the Tax Tea Party at EL Presidio Park.

The story: Some 3,000 people rally downtown Wednesday to send a message to government officials that the nation is way off course.

Your take: This nation’s financial mess is the fault of the Democrats. Except for those who believe it is the fault of the Republicans.

Members of the Citizen’s online community engaged in a spirited debate about risk, banks, thrifts, home loans and who is to blame.

3795 said it is Democrats: “Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are the poster boys for malfeasance and a failure to stay objective in accordance with their job description.”

Not so, wrote 1721: “Republicans create the mess by giving tax breaks to their rich friends, corporations and banks and then they stage a pseudo protest complaining about the new president having to fix their mess?”

Maz called the protest “a staged, contrived, Fox News-organized event.” And scottmtucson said it was “amazing how the GOP and the rich can get ordinary Americans to do their bidding.”

No, that’s not who was at the protest, wrote 1967, who said the crowd was made up of “people from all walks of life and every color in the rainbow with one thing in common, love of country, freedom and liberty. Even many Democrats. No wonder the liberals are fuming.”

territunes tried to be bipartisan: “It was great to rally with other folks who are up-to-here with the corrupt political class – of all parties and stripes.”


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