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Letters: So much for the working poor

Gov’t just keeps taking from we, the people

I’ve heard it all! Now the Legislature is greedily grabbing federal funds earmarked for child care.

I had always understood that federal funds earmarked for a specific use could only be spent for that use by the states. Was this some mode of government-inspired “deregulation?” So much for the working poor.

And then our elected ones want us to “donate” $5 to hear them spout hot air! We must let them know we only donate to worthy causes.

Another article, regarding the state tax raise of more than 2,000 percent for loose tobacco, stunned me.

Having quit smoking some 30 years ago, I am passionate about helping people kick the habit. However, the state has now embraced and exercised the power of immediate, extreme and unreasonable taxation.

Nonsmokers, beware. This is the camel’s nose into the tent. We’d all better brace for the entrance of that beast’s posterior end to barge in bearing the omnipotent power of the state, dragging its own pork barrels, and we, the people will pay the price – and then some.

Instead of giving billions to greedy, corpulent corporations and manipulating state officials, Obama’s stimulus should have simply paid each taxpayer $1 million – spending only a measly $200 billion of our national funds. Think of how we, the people would stimulate the economy!

Or we could burn down our devalued, highly taxed houses, take the money and leave the country. I hear Siberia is nice this time of year.

Lesley Wimberly

Make the fur fly; push to stop seal slaughter

When I learned of seals being slaughtered in Newfoundland, I wondered what was happening to the young ones while the older were dying at the hands of these murderers.

I found out that the young ones under 3 months are being sought out for their fur. I found it to be a horribly cruel and horrific way to die.

Sealers routinely hook live seals in the eye, cheek or mouth to avoid damaging their fur.

About 95 percent of seals killed are under 3 months old, and many may not have even eaten their first solid meal or learned how to swim before they are skinned for their fur.

There’s no justification for clubbing and skinning baby seals alive.

In Newfoundland, income from the seal slaughter accounts for approximately 1 percent of the province’s economy, but even if it were more, there will never be an excuse for clubbing baby animals as their mothers look on in horror and fear.

The seal slaughter is not a subsistence trade for native peoples; it is an offseason profit venture for fishers off Canada’s East Coast.

Inuit seal hunting accounts for only about 3 percent of the slaughter.

You can do something about this, as I did. Speak out to your senators and do not buy fur.

Helen Tanguis

Rump iron: Bench press is a pain in the glutes

The quilted iron bus benches found at some bus stops were obviously invented in some devil’s workshop.

There is a concrete bench in front of Carl’s at Broadway and Campbell, and a wooden bench is in front of the Starbucks on the northwest corner. These benches are not so brutal.

But the iron – I have permanent tattoos on my rear end from the iron.

Nasty iron bus benches. Why do we do such mean things that make life more tedious? I think it is hostility by the haves.

We have-nots just have to endure and maybe get more political?

Cletis Harry Beegle

Put energy into climate, natural power sources

I want our leaders to know that here in Tucson, we support bold action on climate and energy, including a cap on carbon pollution.

In addition, we want our leaders to take advantage of more unlimited natural resources that we find in our communities such as solar (especially in southern Arizona) and wind energy.

Consumers and businesses will benefit from stable energy prices. And with greater energy efficiency, we can get more from the energy we have, which will mean lower electricity bills.

Now is the time for action. The economy can’t wait. The climate crisis can’t wait.

Jessica Gorman

Military vets not among ranks of threats to U.S.

What kind of tunnel-visioned ideologue has the state of Arizona sent to Washington?

The Taliban are running amok in Afghanistan and Pakistan; East African pirates are holding 17 ships and 230 international hostages; Iran and North Korea are threatening the very existence of mankind; the runaway spending of her boss is sending the U.S. economy down the rabbit hole; homegrown terrorists and fundraisers are increasingly common; and the southern border is still open to any nefarious character willing to make the trek to Tucson.

Yet Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is worried primarily about “right wing elements in the U.S.,” including the perennial scapegoat, the dangerous military veteran.

I resent the accusation, and the entire populace should question her skewed, politically advantageous priorities. Amazing, just amazing! Or is it?

Glenn Perry

U.S. Air Force colonel (ret.)

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