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The big debate: Attack of the grasshoppers

‘I would just tell people to close their mouths unless they want an organic snack!’ – mxwildcat

The story: The Chicago Bar and other local environs were inundated by a grasshopper swarm.

Your take: Blame the Democrats! Blame the Republicans! Blame the Mexicans!

Actually, members of the Citizen’s online community had some fun with this, enjoying a break from the grim stories of the week.

Fidel was first up, suggesting “mass extermination” with pesticides sprayed by helicopters and trucks, which would target “bees, grasshoppers, and those tiny bright green insects.”

Bees got the support of 497 (“Learn about all the good things bees do for us humans”).

PostTime had a solution: “I kill them to set an example for other bugs who might want to venture inside.”

Then readers assessed blame.

“I blame Democrats,” wrote 4002. “The story backs this up as the last ‘plague of locusts’ was during Clinton’s administration.”

“I’m waiting for someone to blame us Mexicans,” responded 497.

“Wait a minute, who are we blamin’ this on???,” wrote SpdwSwanGuy. “Obama or Bush?”

Scotty F wasn’t worried – yet: “Grasshopper, you are ready to leave the bar when you can grab this drink from my hand.”

erw took a different tack. “City should consider a free condom program for the grasshoppers. Abstinence is obviously not working.”

jodirae had a cataclysmic perspective: “OMG! It’s a sign the world is coming to an end!!!! :)


For Thursday, April 23

1 ‘Tons of grasshoppers’ land at bar, businesses.

2 Trainer saves Cienega football player with defibrillator.

3 School resource officer accidentally shoots self.

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