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The big debate: Swine flu

‘Too bad Congress can’t be given this virus, given how much pork these swine are swilling about.’ – trodelpost

The story: The Obama administration announces an aggressive response to an outbreak of swine flu, with about 40 cases in the U.S.

Your take: The concern over swine flu is either overblown government and media hype, or it’s a great reason to finally close our border with Mexico once and for all – a predictable response from the Citizen’s online community, whatever the issue.

“Can anyone think of a better reason to close the borders and station U.S.A. troops on the southern border with orders to shoot on site/sight any illegal crossers?” asks KillerTarantula.

“Interesting idea, but I don’t believe it’s possible to shoot a virus,” responds 4002. “I know you didn’t mean shooting sick women and children – because you are not a terrorist. Right?”

“Viruses are already an equal opportunity entity. They know no borders or nationalities and they are coming for you. Get thee to the bunker!’ - leftfield

“Man I barely got over that bird flu, SARS, mad cow disease and West Nile virus. Oh wait, I didn’t get any of that stuff because the odds of catching any of those diseases is astronomical. Wash your hands people and relax.” - 1660

“We need troops to help out; I don’t want to see this disease coming to Tucson.” - Priscilla

Says LoonyLeft, “With wrong-way Napolitano, Arizona’s GAIN has become the nation’s LOSS.”


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