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The big debate: Rethinking vs. reloading

‘How come we aren’t complaining about knife crime? People get stabbed to death. Maybe we should only be allowed to have spoons!’ – Blacksox

The story: In a My Tucson column, Bobby Burns says owning a gun is the American way in Tucson.

Your take: Did someone say gun control? Burns didn’t. He called for more community policing and wrote, “It is not my intent to vilify gun owners.” But he touched a nerve.

Like Burns, Priscilla said she has experienced a gun death in her family, “but I am glad that I carry a gun to protect my family and myself.”

CeramicGod felt Burns was threatening his Second Amendment rights and wrote, “Your emotional and irrational feelings are not an acceptable justification for removing my freedom, rights and ability to defend myself.”

And this warning from Joannes: “I am a 65-year-old lady with a concealed carry permit. We raised two daughters and had loaded guns in the house all the time.”

leftfield defended Burns, noting, “It seems some people are allergic to any discussion of the problem of gun crime in this country. Mr. Burns never suggests restrictions or bans as a part of the solution.”

And gdub noted, “Handguns were produced to kill people bottom line, not to hunt, etc. It is an efficient killing machine at a short distance.”

azsd illustrated the danger of guns in untrained hands: “Oh, what’s that shadow over there? Quick, get the Glock, aim FIRE. Got ‘em. Oh, it was just the kid next door.”


For Tuesday, April 28

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