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Letters: Profiling young and old drivers

Car stickers a bad turn toward more profiling

I understand some locations are considering placing stickers on cars if they are to be driven by the very young or by senior citizens.

The individual’s driving record wouldn’t matter, just something based on the assumption by some that these drivers must be unsafe!

It has been held unconstitutional to discriminate against groups or individuals because of what they are, not how they performed or behaved individually – i.e., women, blacks, Hispanics, Jews, etc.

But if some people prevail and put a “sign” on oldsters with good driving records and young drivers who have not received any tickets, how long would it be before these Klansmen-in-waiting would start placing Stars of David on some cars, and symbols identifying other car owners as being of some racial/ethnic group not their own?

Eugene Cole


Fear over terrorism now includes labeling

President Obama is sending out mixed messages on speech. He was advising Cuban leader Raul Castro to accept free speech, and in the United States our Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is calling Republican speech a terrorist threat.

We have many political parties in this country, and they do not always agree on how the country is being run. They have a right to speak out without being called terrorists.


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