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The big debate: Swine flu school closure

‘As Americans start to die . . . what are YOU going to do? Are you going to stand up with some of us who have been fighting for years to close the border?’ – Roy Warden

The story: An 8-year-old Phoenix boy with Arizona’s first confirmed case of swine flu has recovered without hospitalization.

Your take: As always, some of our online commentators are infected with “blame the Mexicans” flu, but others are quick to counter them.

“Close the BORDERS and QUARANTINE ANYONE who is SICK! To HELL with being PC . . . ” urges Towken1.

sierrareal1 says sarcastically, “This virus came from ‘down ther’ in Mexico’! Ya’ jes’ know it gots t’be bad! Maybe even a cunspiracy! Run around like crazy, PANIC, PANIC! Git yer guns an’ shoot anythin’ that looks like a virus! It must be another plot to kill all the ‘Real’ Amuricans!”

“You can’t put a border on the air we breathe,” notes Makiska13.

azsd says, “Rumor has it the virus has been spreading like wildfire ever since the MinuteMen meeting.”

Carl123 asks, “Would someone please tell me what the (deal) is? Every year over 35,000 people die from the flu. What is different about this? If I am supposed to panic, I’d like to know why. I was supposed to panic over killer bees and that was a bust. I’m willing to wet my pants if necessary, but could someone tell me why?”

bugmenot offers: “Just wash yer freakin hands frequently and don’t pick your nose or put your dirty hands in your eyes, ears or mouth.”


For Thursday, April 30

1 First case of swine flu reported in Arizona.

2 Phoenix guard Zane Johnson leaving UA program.

3 Texas QB returning home to play for Wildcats.

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