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The big debate: The NRA is coming to Arizona

‘The NRA continues to exploit the fears of the average citizen and has succeeded in thwarting efforts to pass much-needed laws banning assault weapons.’ inmyopinion

The story: National Rifle Association members meet in Phoenix as gun owners fear the administration may be out to strip them of their firearms.

Your take: Controversy covers Second Amendment rights and the NRA’s role in protecting them or allowing dangerous weapons on the street, depending on your viewpoint.

“If it wasn’t for the strong NRA, the liberals would have eliminated the Second Amendment,” wrote ttboy.

To which ldonyo replied, “Your Second Amendment rights aren’t being threatened by anyone outside of your own head.”

Towken1 was not dissuaded, saying that President Obama is out to repeal the Second Amendment, but, “Fortunately, states are stepping in and are taking measures to prevent the head Nutjob from succeeding in his quest to ruin the USA.”

colemanok noted: “The president of the United States cannot amend the Constitution. He is not even part of the process.”

Taxpayr asked, “Why is the NRA always treated as something sinister or an evil object? Why is it never described as the millions and millions of your neighbors, co-workers, your child’s teachers or your doctor?”

And ptb, who identified himself as “a proud gunowner,” tried to play peacemaker: “If we could collaborate to find a solution, everyone would be happier.”


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