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The big debate: Dupnik apology demanded

‘It’s Grijalva and the 10 others who should be apologizing to the denizens of Arizona!’ – saladfork

The story: Local, state and federal politicians demand an apology from Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik for suggesting schools check students’ citizenship and for making statements about some local communities.

Your take: Stand firm, Sheriff! It’s high time someone stood up to the problem of illegal immigrants’ children in schools, say most of our online commentators.

albagubra: “It’s nice to see Dupnik give an opinion in which he actually shows he is thinking about the taxpaying citizens for a change.”

3425: “The fact that many hardworking Latinos are here legally doesn’t negate the high percentage of those here illegally who are responsible for much of the crime here.”

AgentRLL: “When are these liberal jerks going to apologize and do something about the 12 (million)-20 million illegal alien criminals that they support? The hypocrisy is really rank in these foul politicians.”

But CrisG says, “I never thought I’d live to see the day where Mexicans are persecuted by those that live in the country of the free. . . . Put yourself in someone else’s shoes for ONCE and stop blaming the world’s problems on Mexicans.”

1660 echoes: “Comments like (Dupnik’s) create distrust in law enforcement and power structures. When you classify a community and a big part of a community as illegal, people do take offense.”

Says az2007: “Why go after kids? I will soon have my first baby and I hope that she never encounters idiots like you all.”


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