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Ask Boomer: Write on, Young Reporters

Dear Boomer,

I can’t wait to be a Young Reporter. This is a great club. Thank you for letting me join. There’s a whole big world of things to write about. That means I get to travel to all these exciting places to get the scoop.


Dear B.E.T.,

I dig your enthusiasm! Being a Young Reporter is a great opportunity to meet new people and to visit exciting new places. And summer is the perfect time to join so you can report on awesome places, camps and other things that happen during your break.

To print the sign-up forms – for any kid currently in second through eighth grades – visit BearEssentialNews.com, click on “Young Reporters” and follow the buttons to “Young Reporter Forms.”

Get the scoop! Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer,

I want to find out how old you are because most of my friends are always asking me. I also want to ask you what’s your full name. And what is your favorite basketball team. Mine is the L.A. Lakers. By the way, I’m in fifth grade.


Dear J.V.,

My full name is Boomer Bear. I’m 10 and also in fifth grade! Steve Nash, Shaq and the rest of the Phoenix Suns make up my favorite team. A lot of people expect the Lakers will be playing LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. But I’m not sure that the Lakers will make it that far.

Hoops, anyone?

Boomer Bear



He’s wise, he’s cool and he’s ready to respond. Write a letter to Boomer Bear of Bear Essential News for Kids!

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