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The big debate: Tucson as an inland port

‘We won’t even build a cross town freeway. This is a bad, bad joke.’ – 1967

The story: Tucson could be a major international transportation hub, under a plan advanced by Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities.

Your take: Just keep the city and the City Council away from it.

Typical was this from corazondeldiablo: “Tucson can’t do anything right so why would this project be any different?”

And ocotillosunset said, “Tucson a transportation hub? More like a gridlock hub. We cannot even manage city traffic effectively. And we have no viable freeway plan for the future. City Council is a pathetic joke!”

3795 says there is a better place for such a port. “The good money is on the Picacho area where the Union Pacific Railroad will ultimately build a classification yard. Its proximity to Phoenix, I-10 and I-8 serving San Diego, Los Angeles and various Mexican ports of entry make it an ideal location free of meddlesome cities such as Tucson.”

Maxwell wondered about the problems such a port may cause. “In the name of money are we so willing to give up our peace and quiet?”

Support came from handslikeclouds who said, “I like this one. It sounds easy, straightforward and doable.”

And izzyeddy wrote, “Sounds like a great idea. A lot of people will have new, good-paying jobs” – and then referred to the “clowncil” and “Stupidvisors.”

The port’s proposed name – Puerto Nuevo – struck some as reminiscent of Rio Nuevo. “Another program with Nuevo in the title and they think it’s going to be different from the other Nuevo?!?!,” wrote pokerpalooza.


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