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The big debate: Gov. Brewer and the budget

‘Heaven forbid the state actually cut (government spending) after (Gov. Napolitano) bankrupted us.’ – 1967

The story: Republicans in the Arizona Legislature are crafting a budget that will “deeply hurt schools, cities, clinics, hospitals, universities and services for children and the developmentally disabled” and will drive away businesses, the Citizen says in an editorial. Gov. Jan Brewer is taken to task for showing a lack of leadership.

Your take: It’s not her fault, and the budget’s not so bad. Some in the Citizen’s online community argue that Gov. Brewer inherited a mess from Gov. Janet Napolitano, and that the new budget is a necessary tonic whose only detractors are, as 1967 puts it, the “many pigs feeding at the public trough.” Representative comments:

• “Napolitano left office with the huge deficit, not Brewer.” 3253

• “If this state eviscerates its educational system as it appears it will, Arizona will soon achieve Third World status.” 3533

• “The schools, cities, clinics, universities and services for children and the developmentally disabled were considered Third World before Brewer took office.” Handslikeclouds

• “The only ones crying about budget cuts are the people sucking off of government programs.” Arizonanative

• “Ya know, maybe we need to pay our state legislators a little more, so that folks with an IQ of more than 70 might consider politics as a career.” Mr. Teacher

• “The reason this state is so red it is a magnet for the racists, bigots, Minuteman-Rambo wannabes, Nazi skinheads, and other various defectives of society, who come here to practice their racism . . . and/or indulge in their other pastime – staying high on crystal meth . . . .” devildog1954


For Saturday, May 9

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