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Sweet Vidalia makes her grand spring entrance

Unusual sweet corn and grilled Vidalia onions are side dishes that pair well with any grilled meat, including hamburgers.

Unusual sweet corn and grilled Vidalia onions are side dishes that pair well with any grilled meat, including hamburgers.

Each spring just as grills are readied for another season of outdoor cooking, Vidalia onions show up in grocery stores. These onions from a 22-county area of Georgia are billed as the world’s sweetest onions, but despite their sweet flavor, each onion only has 22 calories. They generally are available April through October in most areas of the country.

Although Vidalia onions are specified for this recipe, any small- to medium-sized sweet onions will work.

Grilled Vidalia onions

4 small- to medium-sized Vidalia onions

4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

4 teaspoons butter

4 beef bouillon cubes

Cut the top of each onion. Using a vegetable peeler, knife or your fingers, peel the paper skins from the onions, leaving root ends intact.

Core onions, being careful not to cut into the roots – you need the root intact to hold the onion together. Place each onion on a square of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Drizzle each with 1 tablespoon olive oil.

Place a bouillon cube in the center of each onion and top with 1 teaspoon butter. Wrap onions with the foil and grill on a very hot gas or charcoal grill over indirect heat about 35-40 minutes.

Note: You can substitute butter-flavored cooking spray for the butter to cut fat and calories. You also can cut the measurement for the olive oil down to 1 teaspoon per onion, if desired.

You can also bake these onions in a conventional 350-degree oven.

Unusual sweet corn

This recipe is an adaptation from a baked trout recipe where mayonnaise is used to keep the fish moist. Since it’s easy to overcook sweet corn and end up with dry, tough kernels, the mayonnaise also works well in this recipe.

Sweet corn, husked and cleaned


Greek seasoning or any all-purpose seasoning salt

Smoked paprika

Lightly brush each ear of corn with mayonnaise. Sprinkle with Greek seasoning or your favorite seasoning salt and smoky paprika.

Wrap in aluminum foil and grill over hot indirect heat about 45 minutes, or until kernels are soft when pricked with a fork. Open the foil and cook an additional 5-10 minutes. Remove foil and serve.

You can also bake the corn in a conventional 350-degree oven.

Note: For easy removal of husks and silk, divide the silk in half before pulling down the husks. The silk will come off with the husks every time.

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