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The big debate: Torture – time to move on?

‘Prosecute everyone who broke the law. Only then can America be the role model of freedom for all the world to aspire to, like we used to be.’ – Concerned Tucsonan

The story: In a guest opinion, Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham wrote that it’s time to move on and halt investigations into the Bush administration’s use of coercive interrogation techniques on suspected terrorists.

Your take: A split verdict, but generally disagreement with the “it’s over, move on” viewpoint.

leftfield was unambigious: “First we hang Cheney by his toes, then we waterboard him 83 times, then we send him to Swat Valley wrapped in an American flag. Then we move on.”

Priscilla replied: “If so, then we do the same to Pelosi and all her Democrat gang as well as Repubs who approved of waterboarding, who voted yes to the war in Iraq and who, for votes and power, sold this country out.”

ldonyo thought it was a curious position for one of the authors: “McCain advocating torture and holding people without charging them with anything. I guess he didn’t learn a thing in five years as a ‘guest’ of the Hanoi Hilton.”

demospolis is suspicious of everyone in power: “Politicians like John McCain/Obama rule with contempt for the rights/economic justice of common citizens.”

2865 was not bothered by the interrogation techniques: “To win a fight, any fight, you have to be willing to be at least a shade crazier and a shade less ethical than your opponent.”


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