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The big debate: Napolitano for Supreme Court?

‘Placing that illegal immigrant sympathizer as secretary of Homeland Security was scary enough, but the Supreme Court? God help us all!’ – Runnerboy

The story: President Obama’s potential Supreme Court justice choices include Janet Napolitano, former Arizona governor-turned-secretary of Homeland Security.

Your take: You must be joking! Most of our online commentators lambaste Napolitano, but a few fans weigh in on her behalf:

• “Will someone please wake me up from this nightmare? I can’t take too much more of this.” – Bubba

• “It doesn’t matter (whom) Obama recommends – it will be a leftist liberal who doesn’t believe in God, who stands for killing babies and will want to change the definition of marriage.” – Powersgrandma

• “I’m afraid, grandma, what is doomed is your evil philosophy of imperialism, racism, homophobia, sexism, oppression and death. Stick a fork in it!” – leftfield

• “This woman couldn’t even govern well, then was promoted to Homeland Security where she is performing even worse . . . and then Obama would consider her for the Supreme Court? When does all this bad judgment end?” – Aztxslady1

• “Judicial system does need Napolitano’s eloquence, poise, judgment, character, perseverance and, definitely, multicultural experience. She’s qualified. I predict she’ll be assigned to wear a judicial judge robe.” – Az Intelligence9377


For Thursday, May 14

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