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Letters: Modern liberals are traitors

Liberals denounce all that is good about U.S.

There have been many labels to describe those who are seen to be disloyal to their own kind.

When one betrays his own country, he is said to be a traitor. Traitors have been dealt with harshly during times past.

Lately, in the guise of being “diverse” or “tolerant,” many seem to have forgotten old labels such as “faithful” or loyal” or any other label identifying those traditionally valued virtues.

And so, there exist within organizations such as our country those who think nothing of betraying the entity that has given them so much.

To compound their felonies, so to speak, they are not content to sell their own souls cheaply; they feel the need to take others with them to their final dubious rewards.

Such it is with the modern liberal who denounces all that is holy, traditional and decent about his country.

He ignores history and he, like the lemming, does not see the cliffs beyond his limited view.

Eugene Cole


Newspaper demise means city’s less Safier

The Tucson Citizen’s demise will at last give us relief from the disparate rantings of ultraliberal Joan Safier, retired teacher.

For years, Ms. Safier has been published at the frequency allowed by the liberal Citizen, always deprecating capitalism and freedom as though our constitutional government were our enemy rather than our salvation.

Ms. Safier’s viewpoint on banking shows a misunderstanding of our financial industry’s structure and functions. The recent collapse of these markets proves that capitalism works, for when people secure loans too large for their capacity or budget, the market punishes them.

The problem was compounded by the government bailouts, which did not allow the market to work until much greater damage had been done.

Foreclosures in Arizona are difficult for those who experienced them, but personal responsibility is necessary in all financial transactions. One must own his mistakes.

Ms. Safier did get it right when she said closing tax loopholes is like raising taxes on corporations for those corporations that have gone offshore.

Corporations are formed to provide goods and services and to make profit. When government intrudes, such as with “green” rules and regulations, the corporations sometimes must go offshore in order to stay in business.

So now the government wants to again penalize the corporation by confiscating those offshore profits through taxes.

Worse is her cry for “universal health care.” This plea for total “nanny care” will be the sandbag that breaks the nation’s back.

Universal health care will be used to justify any restraint on freedom. For if the state has to cure one, it will want to restrict or prevent the need for treatment in the first place.

When treatment must be provided, it will want to ration that treatment and so on.

Needs testing will follow for older people, and who is to say your need is high enough to warrant treatment? Hello Canada and Great Britain. No service available!

I am thankful Ms. Safier is now retired and can no longer indoctrinate her pupils with her liberal diatribes.

Garland D. Cox

Health of America depends on single-pay

It is critical that a single-pay health care system be implemented.

We have done the other way for years. Why are we the only First World country without a health care system for all of its citizens?

We can’t continue to support the CEOs and the top 1 percent of our country with money, or just insurance for our senators and members of Congress but not for the regular citizens.

Karyl Williams


Reform is medicine to cure national care

With the United States at the top of every list of nations on health care delivery and cost, but way down the list on rate of mortality and morbidity, it is time for to put single-payer health care on the table.

Our present health care system must be reformed.

Dorothy McKenna

Green Valley

Privacy of minors online a major issue

Minors don’t have the legal capacity to sign away “privacy” on sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

That is an important thing to consider when all these sites claim the defenses of “privacy agreements.”

Minors do not have capacity to enter into contracts, and they can be disaffirmed at any time by minors.

Steve Brandon

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