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Owner risks life to save her dog

Would you save them if they ran in the ocean or jumped in a lake?

Would you save them if they ran in the ocean or jumped in a lake?

We feed, water, walk and tolerate our cuddly canines chewing up our cell phones and clawing through our patio screens.

But would we die for them?

One Michigan woman proved she was willing to put herself at risk to save her dog, Moxie, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune.

Jess Craigie plunged into the 40-degree waters of Lake Michigan when her 2-year-old mixed-breed pooch jumped off the pier. The dog did begin to doggie paddle, but Craigie could tell her pooch was panicking.

At least Craigie had a bit of foresight before she threw herself into the frigid lake.

She called 911, then handed her cell phone to a man standing nearby. She also handed him the leash of the other dog she was walking.

Then she took the plunge.

Oh, she also made sure there was a pole sticking out of the water so she could hang on and refrain from drowning while her dog stood on her shoulders.

Rescue workers plucked Craigie and Moxie out of the waters, saying Craigie would have been lucky to last another three minutes in the cold water.


What’s the greatest length you’ve gone to for your pet?

Would you do it again?


This story was picked for Scotty F., who requested dog stories.

Read full story: www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-dog-rescue-06-may06,0,6421432.story

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