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Tucson radio can rock – or not

Radio rocks. Or at least it can if you pick the proper stations. Tucson has a host of them, some that rile while others soothe.

Since I’m a creature of habit, I usually stick to my top trio of stations, although I’m open to other suggestions.

• KLPX FM (96.1) – www.klpx.com

Billed as “Tucson’s Real Classic Rock,” the station features an awesome Morning Wake-Up Call with Scott Barnett, groovy lunchtime requests and a number of games, contests and events that are fun to listen to if not to play.

One caveat: Playlist is limited, save for lunchtime requests. You can only listen to AC/DC’s “For Those About to Rock” so many times.

• KUAT FM (90.5) – http://radio.azpm.org/classical/

Classical music galore, which makes the best background writing, art and cooking. Makes you feel like you’re in a symphony hall while you pound raw chicken for the crock pot.

One caveat: Can easily put you to sleep unless the rousing sounds of Stravinsky are interspersed between the soothing tunes of Debussy and Bach.

• KXCI FM (91.3) – www.kxci.org

Hodgepodge of fun local, independent and non-mainstream artists, you can hear some really, really cool stuff here. The DJs are also all volunteers, which means they are big-hearted, good people who obviously care about the station.

One caveat: The playlist can sometimes get stuck in a rut of several really bad songs all in a row.

What’s your favorite/non-favorite Tucson radio station and why?


Tune in:

What: Ryn Gargulinski on the KLPX Morning Wake-Up Call with Scott Barnett

When: 8:10 a.m. every Thursday

Where: KLPX FM (96.1)

Listen online: www.klpx.com

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