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School district cuts more employees

More layoffs hit Tucson Unified School District employees in a scramble to reshuffle the organization.

Just what the school district, students and our economy needs.

Next year’s budget is expected to be $46 million smaller, thanks to state cuts, according to a report in the Arizona Daily Star.

In operations, 55 “middle management” folks were let go, but the reshuffling also created 26 new positions. Total gone: 29; total savings: $1.2 million.

Communications slashed more than half its staff, with four out of seven severed.

Layoffs included Chyrl Hill Lander, the only one allowed to talk to the media.

Odds of getting info may have just plummeted.

Total gone: 4; total savings: $350,000.

Technology is reducing its staff, but it’s not clear by how many since some part-time positions will be shifted.

What is clear is a new plan that gets schools serviced based on how much money they shell out, according to the report.

Schools that need computer help will have to kick in a fee to share the pool of technicians unless, of course, they want to kick in a bigger fee to have a technician of their own.

Schools that can’t pay a fee will still get technical assistance – after everyone else has been served.

Doesn’t sound good, but not much in this economy does lately.

Home schooling anyone?

It sounds like operations will take longer, computers may go haywire and stay that way and no one will be able to talk about it, at least not on the record.

Read story: www.azstarnet.com/metro/293801

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