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Folks fly far and wide to adopt a pet

Jebediah was adopted locally after he was found wandering around the North Sixth Avenue Dog Park.

Jebediah was adopted locally after he was found wandering around the North Sixth Avenue Dog Park.

Tucsonans who want to adopt a pet don’t have to go very far.

We have midtown’s Humane Society of Southern Arizona, the Northwest Side’s Pima Animal Care Center and a handful of other fully stocked shelters in other areas about town.

We could probably even find a couple of stray dogs or cats just walking around the block a couple times anywhere we live.

But some folks will still travel far and wide to pick up that perfect pet.

One local dude is flitting off to Florida this weekend to purchase the littermate of a pup he already retrieved from Tennessee. (The breeder lives in Tennessee but will be at her time share in Florida.)

His jet-setting is necessary to nab a particular breed of dog.

Then there’s an English couple who were not picky about the breed of cat they needed, just the particular cat.

They glimpsed a photo of a feline on the adoption site Petfinder.com and decided they must have that cat. It looked just like their former cat.

So they flew 4,000 miles from London to Michigan to go get their new pet, named Sparky.

How Far is Too Far? Couple Travels 4,000 Miles to Adopt Cat

“I thought [the shelter] would say ‘you guys are completely mad,” admits Rose Rasmussen, who along with her husband Chris traveled…to pick up Sparky. Preparing the cat for his relocation overseas was no easy feat and required a six-month quarantine, along with microchipping, vaccinations, a blood test, and a health certificate.

But the shelter didn’t think the Rasmussens were crazy. Read story: www.pawnation.com/2009/05/18/how-far-is-too-far-couple-travels-4-000-miles-to-adopt-cat/


Would you trek thousands of miles to adopt a pet you have not yet met?

Where did you get your pet: shelter, breeder, pet store, other?

What determined your choice?

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