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Meet Tucson geek Josiah Segui

Meet Tucson geek Josiah Segui

Geek Pride Day kicks off the week, so we found a self-proclaimed Tucson geek to provide some insight into why being a geek is cool.

Josiah Segui, 27, has already seen the new Star Trek movie twice, rates his all-time top flick as the animated Ghost in the Shell and enjoys anything that stimulates his brain.

Segui said his geekdom started when he was 12. That’s when he and his brother got their first home computer – which they promptly took apart.

“We were surprised everything still worked,” he said when they put the machine back together.

Since then Segui has earned two advanced computer certifications and nabbed a job at midtown’s Computer Guy Consulting. I met him when my computer went bust last week.

But you don’t have to sabotage your computer to meet a geek. At least one reader expressed interest in dating a geek, and Segui said it’s not difficult to find one.

“Ever heard of the SCA?” he asked. The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., is “an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating pre-17th-century European history.”

They’re the folks who dress in armor and costumes at the Renaissance faires. Deck yourself out as a medieval maiden and you could win a geek’s heart.

Segui said another great way to woo a geek is to engage them in an intellectual challenge. “Playing chess with a girl always works for me,” he said.

He’s single, by the way.

Segui (and a few others) also cleared up a few geek myths I previously got wrong, like saying they like soundtracks to Broadway musicals.

Segui and his geek friends dig alternative rock and bands like Linkin Park, Nightwish, They Might Be Giants and Fat Boy Slim.

He also backed up what a commenter said about geeks reading anything as long as it’s in comic book form.

“That’s 100 percent true,” Segui said. Other reading he’s enjoyed include anything written about the technology found in Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons manuals.

E-mail Josiah Segui at crimson_wolf82@hotmail.com


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Tucson geek Josiah Segui in action

Tucson geek Josiah Segui in action

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