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Digital TV could be pain in the antenna

Would Ralph Kramden look slimmer on DTV?

Would Ralph Kramden look slimmer on DTV?

The plug is being pulled on old-fashioned TV, with the switch to digital slated for June 12.

All major U.S. television stations will stop sending analog signals, meaning TVs must have digital tuners or be connected to converters or a pay service, such as cable or satellite, to get over-the-air signals.

While digital TV promises sharper pictures and enhanced viewing, it may not fully live up to all of its promises, as one East Side resident outlines in the following letter:

DTV falls flat

So far my experience has been OK but I believe that the entire DTV experience has, thus far, not meet up to the expectations we have been sold.

Many people on the Northwest side can’t get a picture because of the mountains, this is a line of sight issue and apparently some of the stations are working on getting additional transmitters to help this out.

You would think that this issue would have been resolved long before the June 12 deadline. They must have known there was going to be problems for those viewers.

Also, the hype with the multi cast channels. Thus far Tucson only has a small handful of those additional channels, mostly PBS (which is great) but with stations having the potential to have up to six multi cast channels you would think we would have more.

I wonder why channel 4 doesn’t broadcast the “Southern Arizona News Network” on DTV. You must have cable to get it.

I suppose that some multi cast channels might come on board in the future, but the network affiliates here don’t even talk about what they have planned.

Even in a decent reception area I am constantly having to adjust my antenna to pick up the stations. When they come in, they do come in brilliantly, but it sure can be a chore to tune them in, another thing I don’t think we were really warned about by the broadcasters or government.

I always heard a simple rabbit ears will do it, but that’s not the case.

More on the switch to DTV: http://www.dtv.gov/


What has been your experience so far with DTV?

Did you forget the switch was coming? Do you care?

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