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Arizona’s nickname to be made official

This mule train snakes down the Grand Canyon, much like the Brady Bunch did when they visited for a series of episodes.

This mule train snakes down the Grand Canyon, much like the Brady Bunch did when they visited for a series of episodes.

In addition to worrying about important things like sparkler laws, Arizona elected officials are spending time making sure Arizona keeps its claim as the “Grand Canyon State.”

While the nickname has been used for years, it’s never been made official.

Are we the Grand Canyon State or not?, Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX — Arizona may soon officially become what many residents have always thought it was — “The Grand Canyon State.”

With only two dissenting votes, the state House voted Tuesday to officially lay claim to the nickname that has adorned everything from license plates to paperweights for decades. HB 2019 now goes to the Senate.

“I’m just disgusted that we’re voting on things like that instead of actually doing the work of the budget,” said Rep. Steve Farley, (D-Tucson), pointing out lawmakers have yet to adopt a budget for the coming fiscal year, which begins in five weeks. “I think we have other priorities right now.” Read story: www.azstarnet.com/metro/294567

Making the nickname official is important, however ill-timed it may be, since other states could swipe the cute little phrase.

After all, Florida stole New Mexico’s former moniker as the “Sunshine State.”

North Dakota tried to rip off New Jersey’s the “Garden State” by simply calling themselves the “Peace Garden State.”

Those that don’t get their nicknames in writing may also easily get stuck with stuff like Missouri’s the “Show Me State.”


What nickname would you give Arizona if it couldn’t keep the “Grand Canyon State?”

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