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Callers split on border crossers, civilian patrols


Who are the real illegals?

Priscilla Espinoza’s Dec. 21 letter states, “Illegal aliens must get the message that they are unwanted here in the United States.”

She is absolutely correct. It is not our people who are the illegals. It is the descendants of those who forced Mexico to sign the treaty of Hidalgo who are the real illegals.

Thank you Miss Espinoza for aiding in our struggles.


Grijalva not racist

I just was a little upset with all of the recent letters to the editor insulting Raul Grijalva. Everybody’s accusing him of being a racist, yet everyone who wrote that is of a white background. They’re definitely not Chicano.


Atmosphere of fear along border

According to the Jan. 8 Citizen, Congressman Raul Grijalva is warning that vigilante groups are creating an “atmosphere of fear” along the border.

Well, what kind of atmosphere does he think armed drug smugglers and coyotes in our country illegally are creating?


Sick of border controversy

The Citizen keeps publishing letters about U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva. We are fed up with listening to the pro and con comments.

We already know what happened and both sides have given their opinions. That’s enough. It has been weeks. Let’s have some other matters in print.


Grijalva promotes double standard

Regarding the Dec. 19 Citizen front page article, “Grijalva: Have FBI probe alleged militia racist link”: Raul Grijalva states that the militia groups are white racists. He has no proof to make a comment like that. He also says, “If you shine a light on the cockroaches, they don’t like it.”

Well that’s a racist remark in this diverse society that Hispanics and other minorities promote. There can’t be a double standard where Hispanics or other minorities can call white people words like cockroaches.

Grijalva should take the high ground like Trent Lott did. They all wanted Trent Lott’s head on a platter, well they got it. He resigned. I think Grijalva should resign for the good of the Hispanic community as well as the Democratic party.


Civilian patrols not vigilantes

With respect to the media calling the people patrolling the Mexican border: Vigilantes is a total misnomer and I’ll tell you why.

A vigilante is a person who apprehends another person who is breaking the law and also administers the punishment for that law breaking.

The people down south of Tucson don’t administer punishment and therefore don’t meet the definition of vigilante.

I would be glad to see the Citizen and other media outlets make that point clear and in no way use the word vigilante to describe that action.


Mexico needs to help fix border

I’m tired of reading about border problems. “Derechos for Humanos” should be investigated. Why blame the U.S. for everything?

If they’re having problems, why don’t they get to the root of it?

The problem starts in Mexico, so correct it there.

It doesn’t make sense to allow millions of people to come into our country illegally while their president begs us to take in more. Why are they leaving their country?


Grijalva should represent U.S.

I would hope that Raul Grijalva remembers he represents District 7 in Arizona for the United States and stop his race baiting, or many of us who did vote for him may find it to our regret and never vote for him again.

He represents the United States. We need to prevent illegal immigrants, and we need to prevent druggies and smugglers from coming across the border. Grijalva needs to back off and leave people who are trying to defend our nation alone.


Grijalva, illegal immigration link

What part of illegal immigration doesn’t Raul Grijalva understand? There should be another headline: “Simcox: Have FBI Probe Grijalva, illegal immigration link.”


Open border advocates are enemy

We have learned a horrible lesson. We have been asleep at the switch.

For the first time in our history, we were struck down in our own land, and thousands of innocent people were killed on September 11 at the Towers, at the Pentagon, and in our planes.

All because of our ignorance to think that no one would dare strike us at home.

Those who advocate open borders are our enemies.

They are good at propaganda for their own interests.

We as Americans can never go back to our innocence.

We must face reality. Our laws have to be changed and enforced toward our security and our sovereignty.

A nation without borders is no nation at all. If we listen to our enemies. We deserve the consequences.



CUTLINE: Rep.-elect Raul Grijalva says at a press conference calling for an investigation of citizen patrols.

PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by American Border Patrol

CUTLINE: Border crossers being escorted out to State Route 80 by Douglas rancher Roger Barnett.


CUTLINE: Leader of the Civil Homeland Defense Chris Simcox stops to look at a mark on the US Mexico Border.

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