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Old newspaper setup is new again

Citizen Staff Writer

Monday’s print edition of the Tucson Citizen may look to readers like a return to a bygone era.

For us, it will be more like back to the future.

The latest evolutionary step for the Citizen is a return to a four-section newspaper in standard news page sizes. That means the Citizen’s magazine-style Plus sections will go away four days a week, replaced by standard-sized sections.

Here’s the rundown:

• Monday’s newspaper will include the usual front section with local and state news, the second section led by Citizen Voices and followed by national and world news and the weather. Section C will be sports, and Section D, in standard format, will be Body Plus.

Section D will include the comics, TV listings, horoscope, Sudoku and other standard features that have been running in Section B on Mondays.

• Tuesday’s newspaper will be the same format. Section D will carry Family Plus, comics, TV listings and other features.

• Wednesday will be the same. Section D will be Taste Plus and the features.

• Thursday will remain in the old format for Sections A, B and C and the magazine-style Calendar Plus section. Comics, TV listings and other features will appear in Section B.

• Friday will be in the new format, with Section D devoted to Weekend Plus, the comics, TV listings and other features.

• The Saturday edition will remain as it is now.

Creative Media Editor Cara Rene and Plus Editor Dina Doolen are overseeing the changes and the daily production work on the new Section D.

The changes are designed to return the newspaper to a familiar format and free up staff members whose jobs for the past two years have been principally devoted to producing the magazine sections.

Two of the staff members, Gabrielle Fimbres and Polly Higgins, will return to reporting and writing, adding to the deep base of knowledge that the Citizen staff uses to bring you information in print and online.

Body Plus Editor Mike Truelsen will take a position with the Citizen’s Web site, adding needed editing strength to what is the fastest-growing part of the Citizen’s information machine.

In the information era, change will occur regularly as we balance traditional newspapering with the burgeoning technologies that allow gathering and disseminating news and information in many ways.

Your comments and questions about the new format and any and all other aspects of the Citizen’s print edition and online services are always welcome. Contact me at the number or e-mail address below.

Reach Michael A. Chihak at mchihak@tucsoncitizen.com or 573-4646.

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