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The Big 12 looks strong, boosted by the best collection of quarterbacks in the country. But there still is a lot to learn about many of the league’s teams.
Texas Tech, for example.
My AP ballot is most out of step with the mainstream when it comes to the Red Raiders.
I actually started Texas Tech at No. 13 in my presea son rankings, which was higher than average. Since then, Tech has gone 4-0, defeating a second-rate cast of Nevada, SMU and two lower-division teams.
Based on the schedule, I haven’t seen the need to bump Texas Tech past some one-loss teams.
Meanwhile, other unbeaten teams with impressive victo ries (such as Alabama, Vanderbilt, USF and Utah) have zipped past Texas Tech in my ratings.
The Red Raiders are as high as No. 5 on two AP bal lots, but why should they be ranked ahead of Penn State, which wiped out Oregon State and beat a solid Illinois team?
Makes no sense.
Mine School AP
1. Alabama 2 2. LSU 3 3. Oklahoma 1 4. Missouri 4 5. PennState 6 6. Texas 5 7. Georgia 11 8. Auburn 13 9. USC 9 10. OhioState 14 11. Florida 12 12. SouthFlorida 10 13. Utah 15 14. BYU 8 15. Vanderbilt 19 16. VirginiaTech 20 17. TexasTech 7 18. BoiseState 17 19. Wisconsin 18 20. FresnoState 22 21. Kansas 16 22 OklahomaState 21 23. NorthCarolina UR 24. Oregon 23 25. WakeForest 25

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