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What issue or question do you want the presidential candidates to address at Wednesday’s debate?

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Peggy Mall, 51, a Pima County computer technician specialist:
“What are they gonna do about immigration in the United States?” Mall said she is still undecided on who she will vote for.
Shauna Whitelow, 24, a pharmacy technician and mother of two small children, (6-month old Cassius is in the stroller): “I am most concerned about the health care issue. In my job, I get paid but health care benefits are too expensive. My husband is going back into the Army for health care and financial reasons. Our main concern was having health insurance for our two children. I have decided to vote for Obama. McCain has not said anything to make me think, maybe I should vote for McCain.”
Jim Vigil, 55, a retired city of Tucson employee: “What’s the bottom line? If they get elected, what can they do to improve the economy and every issue that we’re faced with? What are they going to do to improve the world today as we live today, for families, businesses?” Vigil said he voted early for McCain.

Cathy Newton, 25, a student and mother of two small children with another on the way: “I wish they would come straight out and state what they are actually about. I want to hear straight answers from them. They always go around the issues. Like Obama talks about how he is not going to raise taxes for people but give everyone health care. How? How do they expect us not to be attacked again if we pull our forces out of Iraq? I have made my decision not to vote for Obama because he is for full-term abortion and I believe that is murder. I would like to see that (abortion) addressed by McCain.”

Teresa Acadiz, 47, a pricing analyst and native Tucsonan: “All of a sudden McCain has come out with a economic plan for the middle class. I would like to see how he’ll address that. I am also interested in their positions on taxes, the war in Iraq and, of course, the economic situation. I have already decided to vote for Obama, I am looking forward to change. I will watch because I just want a reaffirmation of my decision. I considered McCain, being an Arizona senator and all, but after both debates, I made my decision and when the whole Sarah Palin thing came out, it really hit the dirt for me.”

Tom Colvin, 51, works at the UA: “What is your stance on immigration and is there going to be amnesty? No amnesty will change my vote.” Another question he would ask: “Is anybody going to jail over this financial crisis? Who made the the money when the stock market went up (Monday)?”

Marc Contreras, 47, is a silversmith at the Indian Village Trading Post: “If Obama wins, how does he plan on changing the economy? How is Obama going to affiliate himself with the U.S. troops?”

Paul Lopez, 39, a city of Tucson equipment operator: “I would like to know if Obama is going to raise taxes” and “if (Obama) really was affiliated with (Bill Ayers).” With McCain, “The only thing I have about McCain is he’s a little older.”

Lawrence Alston, 51, who works in UA’s supplies warehouse: “Are my taxes going to go up? Are wages going to go up for people? Are we going to get better health care across the board? The candidate that will do the better job will get my vote.”

Gary Cothrun, 41, who works in the medical field and is a Republican: “I would like to know what they will do with the bailout money, when they’ll do something and how it’s going to help the average American person. I think that it’s the foremost issue on most people’s minds. I would like to hear more border talk as well. I already voted by early ballot for McCain.”

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