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Prop. 105 as deceptive as it is undemocratic

Proposition 105 on the November ballot (Majority rule – Let the People Decide) is a wolf in sheep’s clothing if there ever was one.

For passage of initiatives, this proposition would require approval by a majority of all registered voters, including those who have died or moved out of state or who stayed home on election day. This is not democracy. It’s not our voices being heard equally.

Prop. 105 wrongly puts the will of people who don’t bother to vote at a level of importance to those who do vote. Why should people who are too lazy to vote have their opinions registered equally against those who do take the time to participate? If people do not vote, then I believe they have voluntarily waived their right to play a part in that particular election.

If this proposition had been in place in past years, we would not have the Clean Elections law; we would not have smoke-free restaurants and hotels; we would not have the Heritage Fund that protects our parks, trails and wildlife; we would not have settlement money from tobacco industries; nor the Arizona Indian Gaming initiative funds.

Please join me in a resounding no vote for Proposition 105.

Anna Marsolo

Cave Creek

6 ballot Props. crucial to lessening taxes

Americans for Prosperity, Arizona – Arizona Federation of Taxpayers makes these recommendations on Arizona’s 2008 ballot propositions:

We strongly urge Arizona taxpayers to vote yes on the following ballot propositions, which would lower the costs of tax, regulatory, and/or litigation burdens imposed on Arizonans by state and local government:

• Prop. 105: Majority Rule – Let the People Decide

• Prop. 101: The Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act

• Prop. 100: Protect Our Homes

More information on Props 105, 101 and 100 is available at: http://www.americansforprosperity.org/includes/filemanager/files/az/2008ballotpropsyes.pdf

We strongly urge Arizona taxpayers to vote no on the following measure, which would greatly increase the costs of regulatory and litigation burdens imposed on Arizonans by state and local government:

• Prop. 201: Homeowners’ Bill of Rights/Trial Lawyer Enrichment Act

More information on Prop 201 is available at: http://www.americansforprosperity.org/includes/filemanager/files/az/2008ballotpropsnoway.pdf

We ask Arizona taxpayers to consider voting no on the following measures, which would increase the costs of tax, regulatory and/or litigation burdens imposed on Arizonans by state and local government:

• Prop. 200: Payday Loan Reform Act

• Prop. 300: Legislative salary Increase

More information on Props. 200 and 300 is available at: http://www.americansforprosperity.org/includes/filemanager/files/az/2008ballotpropsno.pdf

We believe that the impact of the following measures on tax, regulatory, and/or litigation burdens is neutral or unclear:

• Prop. 102: Marriage amendment

• Prop. 202: Stop Illegal Hiring

Tom Jenney, director

Chad Kirkpatrick, chairman

Americans for Prosperity, Arizona – Arizona Federation of Taxpayers)


Circus inhumane in its treatment of animals

The Carson & Barnes Circus is coming to Tucson. This circus is notorious for the way it treats its animals.

Please go to: www.circuses.com and watch the undercover video of abuse to elephants by Carson & Barnes Circus handlers. It’s sick.

From a U.S. Department of Agriculture affidavit of Byran M., former Carson & Barnes employee:

“When she (the elephant Del Rita) refused to hand over her trunk, Joe (Frisco) took his bullhook and, using it like a baseball bat, proceeded to hit her between the eyes four times. She still refused. At this point, Joe and Ben started beating Del Rita with their bullhooks.

“Ben was on her left side hooking the top of her ear, jabbing her left rear leg and using baseball swings with his bullhook on her side and rear legs. Joe was hitting her across her forehead and hooking her trunk with his bullhook. When this failed … Joe pulled the hand-held black hotshot (an electric prod) … out of his back pocket. He was shocking her left hind leg, her front leg, her face and her tongue.

“Joe then had Darren hand him the three-foot-long red hotshot. He shocked her at least 50 times. During the entire beating, Del Rita was defecating and urinating. She was trying to get away … but was chained up and could not go anywhere. She kept moving from side to side.

“The other elephants in the barn started trumpeting loudly and defecating, urinating excessively and moving from side to side during the beatings. Tim (Frisco) said, ‘The only way to handle male elephants is to take them into the barn and beat the f–k out of them, shock till they drop.’ ”

Gandhi once said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way it treats its animals.”

Mara Rigge

Trinidad, Calif.

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