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Compiled by Antonio Garcia. For information call, 573-4561.

Bruno D. Aston, 85, Jan. 22, engineer. Desert Rose Cremation & Burial

Richard L. Barnhill, 80, Jan. 29, teacher. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Rosetta Branche, 72, Jan. 20, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

John B. Bukoski, 62, Feb. 1, taxi driver. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Monico C. Bustamante, 80, Jan. 17, machine operator. Desert Rose Cremation & Burial

Patty J. Cannon, 79, Jan. 31, homemaker. Desert Rose Cremation & Burial

Irma L. Carson, 85, Jan. 31, bookkeeper. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Argentina Certosimo, 89, Jan. 22, homemaker. Desert Rose Cremation & Burial

Dolores Faker, 78, Jan. 21, homemaker. East Lawn Palms Mortuary

Raymond Faker, 83, Jan. 29, carpenter. East Lawn Palms Mortuary

Anne V. Fuller, 82, Jan. 28, homemaker. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Vitaly Halich, 71, Jan. 22, electrical engineer. East Lawn Palms Mortuary

Vera Hanselmann, 102, Feb. 2, homemaker. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Jason Henry, 27, Jan. 24, call center. East Lawn Palms Mortuary

Josefina B. Heredia, 76, Jan. 22, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Donald Wayne John, 74, Jan. 28, truck driver. Desert Rose Cremation & Burial

James Thomas Johnson, 84, Jan. 26, truck driver. Desert Rose Cremation & Burial

Grace Kennedy, 79, Feb. 2, secretary. Desert Rose Cremation & Burial

Catherine Lane, 88, Feb. 2, executive secretary. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Joan W. Iuzzolino, 81, Jan. 26, nurse. Desert Rose Cremation & Burial

Laura Lynn, 55, Jan. 28, nursing assistant. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Helen Bruns MacLaughlin, 94, Jan. 28, school teacher. Desert Rose Cremation & Burial

Roberta McIntosh, 70, Jan. 31, court reporter. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Elizabeth McMillan, 93, Jan. 30, homemaker. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Edmund Mercer, 68, Jan. 21, janitor. East Lawn Palms Mortuary

Beatrice B. Moore, 94, Feb. 2, business owner. Heather Mortuary

Frank P. Munoz, 36, Jan. 25, technician. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Abran Padilla, 68, Jan. 21, U.S. Postal Service. East Lawn Palms Mortuary

Virginia T. Rea, 71, Jan. 28, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Robert Roof, 66, Feb. 2, heavy equipment operator. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Manuel P. “Paletas” Sandoval, 90, Jan. 24, carpenter. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Mary B. Saufley, 56, Jan. 27, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Rhynold Schmudlach, 83, Jan. 30, meter reader. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Porfirio Marquez Seballos, 86, Jan. 27, train car repair. Desert Rose Cremation & Burial

Bruce E. Smith, 54, Jan. 26, machine repair service. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Sally Smith, 61, Feb. 1, homemaker. Adair Funeral Homes Avalon Chapel

Joaquin Edmund Speer, 29, Jan. 28, bartender. Desert Rose Cremation & Burial

Paul Stulgin, 82, Feb. 1, attorney. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Jack Van Overen, 87, Jan. 21, financial director. East Lawn Palms Mortuary

Petra Velasquez, 95, Feb. 2, homemaker. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Lynn T. Ward, 68, Jan. 25, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Eunice Jane Warner, 81, Jan. 29, homemaker. Desert Rose Cremation & Burial

Billie Willett, 77, Jan. 27, printer. East Lawn Palms Mortuary

Socorro Maria Yescas, 88, Jan. 28, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

John Lamell Young, 55, Jan. 28, security. Desert Rose Cremation & Burial

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