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‘Wonder how Tom Daschle . . . would look in pink with a pick and shovel?’ OklaWildcat

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The story: Charles L. Ryan, chosen to become interim chief of the Arizona Department of Corrections, is an advocate of prison chain gangs; his appointment has resulted in formal opposition from at least one human rights group, Tucson Citizen Opinion Editor Billie Stanton writes in a column.

Your take: Chain gangs? Sounds good. The comfort of convicts isn’t exactly uppermost in the minds of the Citizen’s online community. Some representative comments:

• “Inmates have it too damn easy. They got free room and board, three meals a day, air conditioning, quality exercise equipment, access to water, electricity, heat. Bring those chain gangs back.” Tiebreaker

• Did you ever see that movie ‘Escape From New York’? Well, I was thinking . . .” Spirit of Zenger (FYI: In the futuristic “Escape From New York,” the city has been transformed into a giant penal colony.)

• “Chain gangs are slavery. Apparently, some people need to be reminded that slavery was abolished a long time ago in the U.S.” dwg

• “This whole issue has been treated in the courts by the ACLU and many others, with the outcome (that) it is not illegal, slavery or any form of indentured servitude.” NevadaDemocrat

• “Being sent to prison is punishment; it is not done to reward someone with training that would be out of the reach of many honest, law-abiding people.” Eugene

• “Chain gangs are just a new form of slavery under the guise of making someone pay for something they are already being punished for – nothing more, nothing less.” Sneed1974

• “As for chain gangs, we loved them as prisoners. (It) gets you out of your cell, and allows you to establish a food chain – nothing better then slapping the guy next to you in the head with a shovel to let him know who the alpha male is.” FreeJoeLewis



The big debate:

Back on the chain gang?



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