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Making a pitch: Tent residency is torture

I agree with the commissioner in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County: Tents are inhumane, merely a notch above Gitmo.

I remember telling my drill sergeant I was accustomed to better than a two-man canvas pup tent. Inhumane, I said.

His reply was, well, testy.

I am requesting that my goverment ban the manufacture, sale and disribution of all tents. This will include tent trailers, Boy Scout and emengency hospital tents.

Abolish tent torture now.

Jerry K. Phelps

Wilderness protection lands on Congress

Congress will soon vote on the Omnibus Public Land Management Act, a far-reaching bill that would protect wilderness areas, rivers, heritage sites and parks on public lands across the United States.

These wilderness areas and other protected lands provide great benefits to rural economies by increasing property values, providing new economic opportunities in recreation and tourism, and creating desirable places for people to live and work.

Perhaps more important, the legislation will protect the special places that make America so great. These wonderful parks, rivers and historic sites will be preserved for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

The nation is staggering due to the economic crisis. In times like these, it becomes even more important for people to have a place to get away from it all and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. The omnibus land act will provide these opportunities.

This legislation is good for our state and good for America.

Daniel Vallero

Cuts hurt, but Az needs to stop the bleeding

With Arizona government struggling to balance the budget, legislators are cutting social services, lower education, upper education, administrative services, prisons, the arts, state parks, and a host of other services we’ve come to expect and enjoy.

So, I’ve compiled a list of the most popular budget cuts:

1. -

Hmmm. I guess there aren’t any popular budget cuts, just necessary ones.

Royce Carlson

Oro Valley

Simple spending advice for gov’t: Just cut it out

We need to fix the house we live in before we try to buy a new one.

When we the people are in trouble financially, we don’t have the luxury to just print new money and spend our way out of the financial circumstance we led ourselves into.

We must tighten our belts, stop spending money we don’t have and, if necessary, cut out all the luxury items we’ve come to depend on, such as cell phones, cable and satellite TV.

Our government, should have to do the same with programs that do not support our economy.

It should have to cut all of the perks elected officials currently receive, such as private planes, cars, drivers, etc., and cut our taxes – citizen and business alike – until the job of fixing the economy is complete.

Where in the world did we get this notion that being deep in debt will be fixed by massive spending?

What’s with this talking point that has been bandied about, “We must spend our way out of debt”?

I think we’re all smarter than that, don’t you?

Joe Dunlap

U.S. fixes will be costly; secure future? priceless

I know the answer to America’s problems. And guess what: They are simple.

First, we need to stop all our dollars from all going to the Middle East.

Second, we need to stop making gas-burning cars and trucks.

Third, we need designs for hydrogen and solar power systems to work with and into America’s power grid.

These three simple things would create real American jobs, real American growth, on American soil for the next 100 years.

And as much as I hate putting a higher tax burden on our children, it is the only way to fix this problem now.

Therefore, this is how our children’s future billions should be spent:

• Build oil refineries on American soil to produce gasoline to help control price. Cost $100 billion.

• Give money to automakers and suppliers, but only to design and build electric and hydrogen cars. Cost $100 billion.

• Give money to colleges and universities to come up with the most effective solar and hydrogen designs for power plants to feed America’s power grid. Cost $100 billion.

Until we do these three things, America’s future will never be secure!

Christopher Wysocki

Surly GOP will leave no room for hope

Al-Qaida need not worry any longer about attacking our country.

The Republican Party seems intent on bringing down our government all by itself.

Perhaps someone should ask them where their patriotism is now.

In office less than a month, and criticisms and attacks are flying all over.

When will there be a willingness to listen and to wait and see? Give the man a chance!


Oro Valley

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