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Union exclusion doesn’t work for all America

President Obama signed an executive order that encourages union-exclusive “project labor agreements” on all federal work contracts over $25 million.

In light of the $789 billion stimulus bill by Congress, this exercise of Obama’s executive power is highly troubling.

Only 15.6 percent of private U.S. construction workers belong to a union, say 2008 Department of Labor statistics.

In Arizona, only about 9 percent are union members. It is outrageous for the government to pick hard-earned tax dollars out of the pockets of taxpayers and future generations and hand them off to organized labor via this discriminatory practice of awarding contracts.

By essentially hanging a “nonunion need not apply” sign on the stimulus legislation’s plan to spend and build America out of a recession, Obama is sending a clear message that more than 8 in 10 construction workers cannot do business on projects their tax money is paying for.

Shouldn’t government attempt to stimulate 100 percent of the American economy and not play favorites? What happened to inclusion and a diversion from politics as usual?

America has waited too long for this era where a person is evaluated not on the color of his skin but on the integrity of his character; why would we turn back the clocks and discriminate against qualified workers based on their right to choose whether to belong to a union?

America has nothing to lose and everything to gain when federal contracts are awarded based on the merits of our work force under the spirit of free and open competition.

In an era of change, accountability, transparency and equal opportunity for all, President Obama needs a stark reminder to do what he set out to do. Discrimination, in any form, is no longer acceptable. Let’s put all of America to work.

The Arizona Builders’ Alliance is a trade association of 350 contractors and suppliers. Our members are commercial and industrial contractors who build Arizona’s schools, office buildings, hospitals, factories, retail and hospitality facilities.

Mark Minter

executive director

Arizona Builders’ Alliance


Stimulus won’t succeed, so why try, try again?

History is set to repeat itself, again. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill of 2009 has all the hallmarks of classic déjà vu.

Last year, the federal government sent out rebate checks in an attempt to stimulate the economy. They also dumped huge sums of money into failing Wall Street banks and insurance firms.

Both had no effect. It’s long past time central planners learned that throwing good money after bad will not stimulate the economy. We must instead cut taxes, reform burdensome regulation and eliminate government waste.

Not until we pay attention to our past history of stimulus failures can we begin to move toward the future.

Arlene Martinez

Fools rush in: GOP follows Limbaugh’s lead

It is frightening that our Republican Party has taken as its leader Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh promotes intolerance, bigotry, prejudice, divisiveness and above all hate!

Anyone who does not agree with him on his radio show gets humiliated and has to endure his tirades of insults and name-calling.

Yet this is the person to whom most of our Republican legislators are listening.

They too have become intolerant, divisive and vindictive in refusing to work with our president and our Democratic legislators.

Limbaugh brings out the worst in people, and it is very alarming and disheartening that our Republican Party has chosen to follow his lead.

Catherine Ruiz


Obama doing good job . . . of pork spending

The stimulus package has $30 million to save the salt marsh mouse, $200 million for a clean-burning power plant in Mattoon, Ill., thanks to Obama.

There’s $750 million for a National Computer Center, $500 million for National Institute of Health offices, $300 million for cars and golf carts for federal workers.

Would that put at least 100 people to work? Life is good under Obama.

William Hurt

Green Valley

McCain MIA for much of latest Senate term

Re: Mark Kimble’s Sandbox blog item on John McCain running again for his Senate seat:

They tell me McCain was our senator the last few years, but I swear, he missed every darn vote that came up, and I believe he was once again missing in action!

Can’t we run someone this time who will really do the job we are paying to have done?

Nancy Zierenberg

Jet-setting a sign rescue plan is on shaky ground

Is Barack Obama’s travel around the country the wisest use of taxpayer money? How much is it costing to fly him and his entourage about the country every day?

I heard that it is expensive, with fuel, security, backup plane, etc.

Just wondering what others might think about this “waste” of money. If his plan was so good, it should sell itself.

Mark Popp

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