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Headline on Citizen Voices page hurtful

Calling something you don’t find adequate “retarded” is hurtful to those who have no control over their mental disabilities and to their families.

Peter W. Sibley

Editor’s note: Peter Sibley is correct. The headline was offensive and should not have been published. We apologize.

Sex education

in schools saves lives

The Legislature’s attempt to turn the clock back to the 1950s is ludicrous but also has serious consequences.

We must educate our children about sex in a responsible, factual manner.

If parents did their job and spoke factually to their children about sex, its responsibilities and consequences, much of this would be unnecessary. But many parents don’t.

Hiding your head in the sand with a “Just Say No” attitude results in sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy and quite possibly an eventual death sentence.

A combination of education by parents and the schools can only increase our children’s ability to make responsible decisions regarding sex and their health. Don’t cut their chances in half by limiting factual education in schools.

Jude Johnson

Head-in-sand attitude on sex ed fails our kids

The Legislature is trying to restrict access to health care by piling restrictions on women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

We must address the issue by providing responsible information to our youth – sex education in our schools.

A recent Centers for Disease Control study reported that 1 in 4 girls aged 14-19 have a sexually transmitted infection, evidence we are failing our kids!

The people who oppose sex education for teenagers apparently think that by saying nothing, teen sexuality will go away. Not likely.

Arizona has the second-highest rate of teen pregnancy in the nation; more than 40 teens get pregnant every day in Arizona.

Information about sex should come from parents. But many parents feel uncomfortable discussing sex with children. When they do, important information is often omitted.

Parents overwhelmingly support sex education programs offered in schools and other community settings.

Teens are learning in school that they should remain abstinent until they are married. Abstinence is certainly the best way to protect from STDs and unplanned pregnancies, but not all young people make that choice.

I hope our leaders will work together in order to get real sexual education in schools so teens will have the knowledge and resources to stay healthy for successful, bright futures.

Teenagers need to know how to protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy. We all want our teens to be safe.

Sex education does not increase sexual activity; it increases knowledge and responsibility. The net result: fewer unwanted pregnancies and fewer abortions.

Carla Korver

Make nonprofits share pain of higher postage

The Postal Service has announced another increase in first-class postage – to 44 cents.

I’m old enough to remember when first-class postage was 2 cents. The stamp was pink and had George Washington’s image on it.

If the Postal Service wants to increase its revenue, why not raise the postage rate for the so-called nonprofit organizations? They pay as little as 8 1/2 cents per letter.

Raising their rate might serve a dual purpose – increase Postal Service revenue and decrease the flood of junk mail that clutters my mailbox daily!


Mortgage-bankruptcy bill needs a tweak

I had a long talk with a Phoenix attorney who had been to a recent conference of servicers and mortgage companies.

The mortgage industry is largely opposed to the proposed bankruptcy bill allowing modification of mortgages.

He said many of the mortgage-backed investment packages came with partial guarantees.

If the home is foreclosed upon, then the guarantee provision does not kick in. But if the investor receives less than full value in any way other than foreclosure, the seller of the mortgage-backed investment has to make up the difference in cash payout.

If this is true, why not include a provision in the proposed bill that if the mortgage is modified in bankruptcy, no other entity shall be required to make up the loss to the beneficial interest holder?

Ronald Ryan


Close businesses on Sun. to boost economy

There is some help for us during these difficult economic times.

We have the opportunity to re-establish the principles of thrift, self-reliance, closer family ties and improved religious observance.

I would make one recommendation to businesses struggling to make payroll: If you don’t have to be open on Sunday, close your business.

Of course emergency services and national security interests must be available every day. But I know if our country, the greatest on Earth, did this, we would see an improvement economically and morally.

Seth Butler

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