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How about Gitmo for Arpaio’s prisoners?

Re the Feb. 4 article, “Arpaio plans special immigrant tent city”:

When the tents are full, there is always Guantanamo Bay.

Donovan Jacobs

West Linn, Ore.

Immigrant invasion

is unprecedented

This letter is for those who think they can enter the United States illegally, destroy private property and get away with it.

Rancher Roger Barnett did everything right in protecting his property and the property that he was leasing from illegal criminals coming over the border.

The only thing he did wrong was letting them breathe the air of the United States.

People, we are under invasion the likes of which we’ve never seen and it’s time for all of us to stand up and protect our rights. These illegal immigrants had no rights whatsoever and yet were able to sue a good, honest, hardworking American who was protecting what he had worked hard for.

Thank goodness for a good defense team and a half-sensible jury, but why the heck was he found guilty of emotional distress when he was the one under distress from these illegal criminals trashing his place all the time”

It’s time to set an example of these criminals and not let them make it out of the desert.

Also who does Nina Perales think she is in saying that “vigilante” violence against illegal criminals won’t be tolerated? And also David Urias who said this was a victory for the illegal criminals.

We know now who protects the criminals flooding into our country and won’t soon forget.

Tom O’Berry

Jacksonville, Fla.

School bus industry helping environment

Positive environmental initiatives driven by the nation’s school bus industry are working to reduce emissions and turn yellow school buses green.

Decades of research show that school buses are not only the safest way for children to get to and from school, but they inherently help the environment, too.

Each bus replaces an average of 36 cars. With more than 480,000 school buses nationwide, that’s a lot fewer vehicles on the streets each day.

As a leader in the industry, First Student is committed to continuously investing in its fleet, adopting new technologies, exploring alternative fuels and enacting the right policies to significantly cut bus emissions.

We have fully embraced new standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency that will notably reduce diesel emissions by next year. And we are working with school districts, manufacturers and government agencies to develop other successful strategies. Similar efforts over the past decade already have reduced particulate emissions by 90 percent.

And, we know that even little things count. Here in Arizona, our drivers are trained to adhere to a no idling policy which requires them to turn off idling buses after five minutes, unless weather conditions make it unsafe. Drivers also are trained to keep tires inflated at the proper pressure and follow the most fuel-efficient route possible.

These are just a few examples of how the school bus industry is working to make a difference for our kids and our environment.

Call Hull

senior vice president of operations for Arizona

First Student Inc.

Last Friday, the 13th, black day in U.S. history

History will record that Friday the 13th of February 2009 was the day the American Republic died.

The “Great American Experiment” in a Democratic Republic has failed.

May it rest in peace.

A strong statement? I think not. Consider this:

From the 1950s through the 1980s, we criticized communist Russia. We criticized its one-party rule wherein a handful of party leaders controlled the government. The Politburo was a sham, forever bowing to the rule of the party leaders. The Russian people had no voice.

But is that not what our Congress did on Friday the 13th?

The leaders of one party rammed through the most expensive and far-reaching law ever to affect the American people. My congressman, as did all others, voted for the bill without having so much as read its 1,100 pages, much less having debated its contents in the light of day.

Is that representative democracy? Yet that is what happened on Friday the 13th.

Our Founding Fathers gave us a Constitution that provided for a system of checks and balances in which the legislative, the administrative and the judicial branches were separate.

It did not establish a “political party system” in which the members of Congress and the president owe their allegiance to a political party rather than to the people they supposedly represent.

Would anyone in their right mind empower someone to represent their interests in a negotiation and to then allow that person to sign a contract that was set before them without even reading it? But that is exactly what happened on Friday the 13th.

The U.S. Congress now looks exactly like the Russian Politburo. That became evident for all to see on Friday the 13th.

Jack C. McVickers


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